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Speaking Confidence & Presentation Skills

02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Steenplaetsstraat 6, 2288AA Rijswijk, Nederland
Event Speaker

Prof. Michael Hinley

Manchester University Lecturer

Think of the speakers you admire in business, politics, religion, social settings, or on the TED stage. Were any of them not relaxed or confident?

As speakers, we tend to make a fundamental mistake in our speeches and presentations: we believe it’s our content rather than we ourselves that moves audiences.

And so we prepare in the wrong way, giving all our attention to what we’re going to say instead of how we’re going to say it. So as you prepare for this year’s crop of reports, pitches, lectures, meeting remarks and formal presentations, consider the following four ways of being a more relaxed and confident speaker when it comes to reaching and moving listeners.